Thursday, 1 February 2018

Waltz with Bashir (2008) Film Review

Core Theme:

Waltz with Bashir is a 2008 Israeli animated war documentary film both written and directed by Ali Folman. An old friend of Ari tells him about a repetitive dream that he keeps having including 26 vicious dogs consistently every night and they both managed to figure out that the reoccurring dream has a connection with the Israeli army mission in the debut war of Lebanon war in which they took part in the early 80s. However Ari is suddenly surprised that his mind was blank from remembering anything from that chapter of his life.

The core theme of this is that Ari was fascinated by the riddle so he decides to meet up and interview his fellow childhood friends who were also involved with him in the Lebanon war. to see if he could collect and restore his unremembered past.


Ari Folman is a Israeli film director, screen writer and film-score composer who as born in December 17 1962. The history of Folman is that he participated in the  first Lebanese with his fellow long lasted friends. Folman was looking at a picture of himself as solider which made him reminisce of his forgotten moments in that era. One day he was sitting in the studio and he decided he wanted to a animated documentary of his period as a solider.


Firstly, Waltz with Bashir was made as a real video 90 page script, it was shot in a sound studio where it was cropped to a  90 minute length video film.It was made into a story board which then lead to illustrations of 2300 that which was morphed into an animation. Its a cooperation of Adobe Flash animation, classic, animation and 3D. Due to the versatility of styles it can be confused with rotoscoping .The style was beneficial for the viewers and especially for Ari Folman, due to the freedom he had to create the animated documentary war film ideas started to flow out of Folman mind and use his creativity to represent the massacre of his past instead for creating and releasing the documentary as a real  video which he said in an interview "A middle-aged man being interviewed against a black background, telling stories that happened 25 years ago, without any archival footage to support them. That would have been SO BORING!".


For a low budget film ($2 Million) , Waltz with Bashir was a success by managing to make over $10 million worldwide.  In addition it received good reviews, with various critics and being nominated and wining awards such as the "Best Foreign Language Film" in 2009 (Golden Globes USA), Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2008 and many more.