Aureo Antonio WIM; Online Greenlight Review 2

Sorry for the late upload for my OGR but here it is!


  1. OGR 23/11/2015

    Hey Aureo,

    I preferred the first concept image in terms of the placement of all those eccentric trees etc. In this latest one, you've tidied up the mountains etc and brought them in line with the rest of your artist's style, but you've also vanished a lot of the quirkier elements that I liked.

    I do have a suggestion to make, however... I think, given the success of all those quirky components etc. that you should seek to take the viewer out of the clouds and put them down on the floor plane, so we can be 'in' your environment, as opposed to hovering high above it. Take a look at Charlie's composition for an example of what I mean:

    Notice how we're 'in' the city, situated among the buildings. I think it would be great if we could get closer to some of those elements you've produced, and also that you use the matte painting to extend your city, using those elements you've created, as part of the matte painting.

    I think you've got the colours and the eccentricity of your artist and I think you're showing real development in terms of getting things sorted, but I just think you could and should think about going for a more street level feel. Some more examples of previous students you might find helpful:

    Put us down on the ground and take us closer! :)


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