Aureo Antonio's WIM; Travelogue; Yoso要素

Going through the peaceful forest which is filled with Sakura blossoms on trees and on the ground you would officially arrive at the elemental city of Earth, Water, Wind, Wood, Fire and Metal known as "Yoso" (Elements in Japanese). As you arrived at the city you will see statues of Classical Chinese guardian lions which you will have to walk pass through. The floor is made out of concrete but at the same time looks deserted. There are also trees with healthy looking leaves. The city is lived by 5 different clans of shaolin and monks (Earth, Water, Wind, Wood, Fire & Metal) also they have each have their own headquarter which is a temple which the structure looks very similar to a Chinese one. In each clan headquarter temple buildings they have their symbol of their clan displayed outside. There are also a few steps of stairs while entering the headquarters.

After going passing the path of the headquarters there is a bridge up ahead which leads you to a colossal castle where you have to walk up the stairway to enter the building. This is the main castle where all the shaolin and monks get together for meetings and other enquirers. The castle looks like it has been built many centuries ago and there's a massive layer of rock underneath the waters which is keeping the castle stable till this day. The main castle is surrounded by the trees like it’s a hidden building. The lookout tower buildings are also visible in the city of Yoso which is often to look at the high exterior view of the outskirts of the city such as the mountains, temples and grasslands. In this city, the citizens use clouds as transport to travel from one location to another. They could even sit down on them without falling or even stand on them but all is takes is focus and control of energy. Without that they will fail. The deserted ground floor where there’s rarely any grass where the lookout towers is located, the shaolin and monks train and spar with each other there. In each clan’s headquarters there are row full of Chinese buckets on the ground and they are used to collect water from the forest which is just outside of the city of Yoso. There are also other buckets which are filled with hot water and rocks which the shaolin and the monks use to punch to practice strength and endurance of pain.

Inside each building of the headquarters there is huge space in centre which is used as the fighting area and surrounding them are massive pillars which holds the buildings from the inside and the outside together. In addition there are also statues too and as you walk straight as you enter the building you will see a scroll which is fully sealed by source of energy which only the leader of each clan can breakthrough. Also inside the building there are stands around place which candles are placed.

Yoso also has its own messenger which is a dragon which only fly’s around the city and it also levitates too so it cannot touch the ground. The dragon delivers and sends letters off to citizens within the city. Cause the dragon can’t go on the ground the citizens will have to use the flying clouds to collect the letters or parcel which it has for them. When citizens have festivals in the city they normally wear a traditional mask which has a face of a human or animal with several designs on them. The high grey mountains around the back of the city are where the shaolin’s and monks go meditate. Just below the mountains there is a blacksmith store where they sell, repair and upgrade weapons such as, swords, numchucks, daggers, staffs and several more. There’s never a time that you won’t hear sound smashing and cutting from the blacksmith and you will never see the workers not sweating of hard work. Opposite the black smith there’s a path which leads you to the supermarket with the roof made out of bamboo stick with various fruits and vegetables displayed in rows. It is the main market of the city. It is a very busy market so you see a lot of citizens walking around any purchasing groceries.

Yoso also has a small pottery store where they make and sell vases, cups and plates. Within these potteries in the store they all have interesting designs of cities and illustrations with some beautiful colours. There is also a common room which is also a café where citizens go to sit and communicate with each other. This the place where citizens actually form and develop stronger bonds with each other. Inside every building from the city of Yoso the floorings are all wooden and smooth which looks marble with the reflections of the surroundings. The huge pillars inside to hold the buildings have interesting illustrations designs on them. The illustrations are also around the walls in the interiors. The nightlife in the city of Yoso looks very alive with the bright lights coming from the fires and lights from the outside and from the inside of the buildings. This is where the shaolin and monks come out and put up a show by doing chorography of martial arts and their special elemental abilities built within their clan. In addition they also combine their elements together to create surrealist display to the other citizens in Yoso. However secretly around the outskirts of Yoso where the mountains are there is a hidden path which leads you to a cavern which looks like a laboratory of different types of species and clones are being held inside a container.


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