WIM; City Concept (Clarice Cliff) *1st Attempt*

My first attempt doing a concept piece for my city with the collaboration of Clarice Cliff. I spent most of my time colouring since it was most challenging for me. 


  1. Hey Aureo - this is all rather charming! 2 things - my advice would be to make the sea, road and landscape a little less 'soft', as our assets are actually nice and crisp in terms of their forms, so I'd suggest you extend that same level of stylisation to everything in your world. Tidy everything up a bit. The second thing, just reduce the size of this image, as it's exceeding the width of your blog content page.

    I like the colours, and I like the charm - onwards! :)

  2. Really good to see this Aureo. Try out what Phil has suggested. Just tidying things up, adding shadows and variation in lighting. Altering the forms a little. I think the lasso tool will really help you. You'll be able to paint clean edges on the mountains etc.


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