FILM REVIEW; The Shining (1980) By Stanley Kubrick

The 1980 (US 23rd May & UK 7th November)  British-American Psychological horror film, The Shining was Filmed and produced by Stanley Kubrick which is based on  Stephen King's novel which is also called "The Shining" which was published in 1977. 

Jack Torrance who is redeeming from alcohol and also a writer obtains a job with the occupation as a off season caretaker at a isolated hotel. On the other hand the writers child Danny Torrance possess psychic abilities which allows him see paranormal activities from the past and the future for instance the ghosts who invade the hotel.

Throughout the film the camera angles are mostly presented as one point perspective for instance"Fig 2" where Danny with the psychic abilities encounters the twins. It appears Kubrick wanted the audience to mainly focus on what's ahead. In addition, majority scenes are mainly placed on the hall ways of the isolated hotel which presents a very narrow path. Also from looking at the scenery of "Fig.2" Danny is trapped which only leaves him either to proceed straight pass the twins or turn away and be haunted.

The production designs contributes along with the plot of the film. The beginning of the film the colour used are very peaceful and full of nature when you see the sights  when the Torrance family are on their journey to the isolated hotel. But as the plot gets more intense and frightening the colour used for the production designs gets redder and redder as you can see on "Fig.3". Kubrick wanted to use the colour red as the story progresses to show the audience and make them feel that there are some upcoming activities that will occur throughout. The way Jack Torrance is glaring at the servant looks very sinful and that just co-operates along with the scene. 

Fig 4.
The role of the wife of Jack Torrance and the mother of Danny Torrance was played very well. At first her character wasn't active or really involved within the beginning of the film but when the climax kicks in her character comes out of its shell where she gets terrorised and she has to do something about it. From looking at "Fig.4" and evidence which I picked out from the net "she does look like she's genuinely filled with fear - but doesn't have much else to do". Kubrick made her character  very vulnerable where she had to face against her possessed husband who is trying to murder her and their son. She didnt want to believe the actions that her husband was occurring so she had to be cruel to be kind for her and Danny to survive by attacking her Jack Torrance while being scared as you can see on "Fig.4" her shocked faced being focused while her surroundings are blurry.



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