Script To Screen; Story Ideas

My pick-ups from the blue box 

Character: Lighthouse Keeper

Location: Windmill 

Prop: Key

I'm looking to have five characters. Firstly, the main character who is an young splendid man who recently became a lighthouse keeper. Second character is the villain who is also the main characters best friend. He was one of the main characters former lighthouse lieutenants who is jealous of his best friends promotion (main character). The third character is a male who is very smart but yet a lazy lieutenant. Fourth character is a female who is a stubborn lieutenant. Lastly the main character's sister who was kidnapped and held as hostage by his best friend (villain).

Key Of Opening (Prop): An blade also a key which possesses the power that unlock and cut through Anything which is under the possession of my main character.

The brief of my story starts of with my main character's  younger sister getting kidnapped by my main character's best friend (Dressed under disguised). The kidnapper (Main character best friend) leaves a message to the main character briefly saying that he has 1 hour to give what he wants (which is the Key Of Opening) and meet him at his hideout (which inside a windmill) and if my main characters fails to obey the message he will never see his sister again. So my main character (full of anger) gathers two of his other lieutenants on a mission with him to rescue his sister at the 'windmill' building before its too late. From there that's when the journey and the mission begins.

Firstly the main character and his lieutenants go through the forest which then leads them to a cave which then leads them to the windmill where the best friend is waiting. While there journey through the cave they came across a lot of traps which gets in their way and wasting the hour they have to rescue the sister of the main character. They managed to fight there way through the cave and reach to its destination on time (windmill). They finally approach the villain but none of them knew who he actually  was until he exposed himself. The main character was full shocked and felt vulnerable until his best friend knocked out the main characters lieutenants and seeing his sister suffering. The main character uses the power of the key of opening against his best friend and threatened to kill him. The best retreated and set the main character sister free. But before he left the scene he said to the main character "its not over".

Coming to the end, the main character successfully gets his sister back and walking back to the lighthouse with the lieutenants who finally awoke after the beat down they received. In addition the main character is fully aware of his best friends next move while looking back at the windmill building.


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