Monday, 8 February 2016

Script To Screen OGR 2 * Including Updated Script*

Script to Screen OGR 2

Apologies for the late upload :(

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  1. OGR 09/02/2016

    Hey Aureo - apologies for getting to you later than planned. So, I bet you never predicted for yourself that you'd be producing a love story for this project! You've moved a long way from your first, more generic idea and there's certainly a poeticism about your story now.

    So, just in general terms, remember that you're being challenged to create a 'presentation storyboard' too for submission - which means a storyboard that is more polished and more client-facing, and which demonstrates your technical knowledge of storyboarding conventions (illustrated camera moves etc). Most students storyboards presented in their OGRs are sort of 'thumbnail' versions in which they've figured stuff out, so the next stage is to develop it as if for a client. (You can then use these more polished/refined boards as the basis for your animatic).

    Your characters appear to be Japanese in origin - which is fine, but in terms of everything else (your story world etc) you'll need to reflect that ethnicity too, so that means 'Japanese windmills', Japanese lighthouses, Japanese boats - and so the list goes on. Just as you were encouraged to really think about your concept art for the WIM city, you're likewise challenged to resolve the visual concept for this story too. This is a nice opportunity to push the Japanese influence through everything in your world, but that will mean thinking very clearly about your design rules and how it all fits together.

    In terms of character design, I'm encouraging students to really think about some of the proper fundamentals of character design - re. starting with shapes and structure and working 'outwards' from that in terms of design etc; an example of what I mean:

    At the moment, you appear to be drawing some interesting faces, but not 'heads' (if you see what I mean). Just as we'd expect to see students working up their environment designs from visual reference and influence maps, we expect to see that same attention to detail re. working up some memorable characters. Don't be afraid of stylisation either - consider the design for Samurai Jack, for example:

    Remember - you're pre-producing your film, so the emphasis now is showing us your design skills as it supports your narrative.