Fantasy Voyage OGR 2.03.16 (Including Video Inpirations

Fantasy Voyage OGR 2.03.16 by Aureo


  1. OGR 05/03/2016

    Hi Aureo - and thanks for being patient.

    Okay, so I'm looking at your various influence maps, and I suppose what concerns me a bit is that they all seem to have a high-level of realism about them in terms of their modelling (if not their texturing). You need to be really clear-eyed about this project, Aureo - i.e. yes, by all means be ambitious, but also recognise what is achievable by you in the time remaining, and also where truthfully your level of technical skill is. I'm going to tell you right now that modelling a proportionally correct human is 'not' where your creative emphasis should be right now! It's hard to tell from your thumbnails what your style might be moving towards, though your influence maps suggest an interest in sort of x-ray-style imagery. Are you able to update your blog with a bit more info re. your actual visual concept, as it's not yet clear here?


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