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  1. So far the title needs to be tighter and more critically reflective in the way its sets up a question to explore- it’s not that you are exploring the representations of feminism- you are considering ‘ how women are represented in Slasher Film’ and critically analysing this through a feminist lens. Work on your phrasing and the quality/structure of your writing.

    Therefore your synopsis needs reworking also to include key things such as looking at the way feminist critique and other theory such as Gaze Theory has been developed and used.

    What exactly do you want to conclude with- what will you try to prove? That women are objectified, stereotyped, seen as victims? Is this actually relevant in the context of post feminism?
    Currently your research is very thin and not starting in the most obvious places:

    The chapter overview is also just a sketch- you should be working on a set of bullet points on each chapter to take you through the points you want to make- in Chapter 3 avoid too many film examples
    Chapter 1 is heading in the right direction- but needs far more detail- how has the genre of horror evolved and particularly how has feminism evolved a critique of film in relation to this genre?
    You are missing more fundamental reading on genre- film history and theory, gaze theory through key texts such as Pam Cook The Cinema Book, Teach yourself Film Studies or books on Genre and how it functions
    John Berger- Ways of Seeing and How to Read a film by James Monaco. Also reading on Postmodernism and Feminism- such as Teach yourself Postmodernism by Glen Ward to get you started,
    NB- if you are looking at films like Scream you have to discuss how this is a tongue in cheek appropriation product and this may change the scope of your discussion.

    The texts listed in the research proforma imply critical depth but I am not seeing this in how you have expressed yourself for this exercise or any thinking on why they are so relevant.

    Kath Abiker

  2. Additional movies that critique 'sexist' representation of women in slasher films: 'The Final Girls' & 'The Cabin In The Woods'

    Slasher movies & Postmodernism (i.e. when the films themselves critique or challenge some of the ideas expressed by Mulvey and Clover).

    'problematic films' - so, slasher films with female murderers (so original Friday the 13th, also Sleepaway Camp, and I Spit On Your Grave), but also slasher films made by female directors or written by women (The Toolbox Murders also Humanoids From The Deep). Does it make a difference to the ideas surrounding feminist critique of horror if the writer/director/killer is also female?

  3. In terms of Chapter 3, use fewer films and make sure the films you choose represent a shift in terms of ideas - for example: Halloween establishes the formula of sex=death for young women, but Scream critiques the formula of sex=death for young women, so you can't treat them in the same way...

  4. Hi Aureo.. you might have done this already, but not let me know... but if not could you complete the Student Survey and leave a 'done it' on the comments thread - much appreciated :)

    1. Hi Phill, It wont let me log in to do the survey


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